We are manufacturers with a long tradition, are ISO-9001 certified, have state-of-the-art production technology as well as innovative products.

Our three core areas:

provide the solid basis for our global success. Innovation, creativity and quality are the distinguishing features of WUS products. Our roof safety hooks, metal roofing tiles, gutter brackets, downspout clamps, special solutions, snow guard systems, pipe clamps/brackets, sprinkler clamps, mounting/fitting brackets and profiles and the matching accessories are known all over the world.

In the stamped parts and sheet metal/shaped product sectors we develop and fabricate together with our clients new and customised products. Our own in-house departments, development, construction, tool making and production, work hand-in-hand. Just as do our roof and plumbing products, our stamped parts and sheet metal/formed products are finished with the appropriate surface plating/finishing.
WUS is your competent partner.


Our guiding principles: time and cost saving products, enhanced safety

  • Quick delivery service and site support through qualified sales staff.
  • Reliable, value-for-money products mean cost reductions for the client.
  • High safety for the installer through high quality standards in regard to precision, easy installation and load bearing capacity.
  • Professional service and advice from qualified in-house staff.
  • Solutions for special installations with tailor-made products upon request.

Company history

  • 2014 - Extentions of the machinery and manufacturing Technology, including a new Robot welding cell
  • 2012 - Constrution and commissioning of the new hot dip galvanizing factory
  • 2008 - VdS approval for Practica Sprinkler Clamps
  • 2003 - Founder member of the RAL Quality Association for Pipe Supports
  • 2003 - Certification according to EN ISO 9001
  • 2001 - Incorporation of Beuth GmbH in the WUS - Organisation
  • 1999 - First production of Special stamped products for industrial application
  • 1998 - Product range was completed with special Stainless Steel products like supports for drainage pipework for bridges and heavy slide guides
  • 1995 - Production of Stainless Steel supports started
  • 1986 - First production of powder coated material for drainage and gutter supports
  • 1982 - The new hot dip galvanising plant was constructed. One of the biggest and most sophisticated facilities in the area
  • 1976 - Product range was completed with products made from solid copper
  • 1973 - Production facility for lined and unlined pipe clamps was build up
  • 1960 - Production line for snow - slide protection ladders was set up
  • 1927 - Construction of the first hot dip galvanising plant in the area
  • 1925 - Production of galvanised supports for gutter and clamps for drainage pipes started
  • 1905 - Wilhelm Ungeheuer Söhne GmbH was founded by Wilhelm Ungeheuer. First products have been felt nails, window-sill bars and hook nails for gas- and lead pipes