Use the advantages and assurances of an OEM partnership with WUS; we’ll deliver products with your own label. Promote your own brand name and benefit from

  • short response times
  • increased sales and earnings
  • enhanced awareness of your company
  • deeper market penetration
  • top quality that has existed for decades
  • fully developed products that have established themselves and are highly regarded in the market
  • high-performing machinery, production tools and staff
  • rapid availability in quantities that ensure a successful sales start

Products such as our pipe clamps, which have been used a million times over, are known for their quality and ease of installation.

These and many more items from our product ranges can be labelled with your brand name without development costs.

So in a short space of time you can launch your own profitable product line with market acceptance.
You would like to cater for various price/quality segments? We will be pleased to advise you on the use of suitable materials and features.
This will enable you to optimise sales and maximise profits.

You are looking more to a tailor-made product, want a customised item, have specific ideas and requirements?

As an OEM partner we’ll develop your own individual products for you. We’ll provide you with a customised product!
You can highlight and advertise the special features.
In this way you’ll effectively be ahead of your competitors and be able to consistently maintain your market lead on a permanent basis.
Let’s discuss the advantages of an OEM partnership ‑ we’ll be glad to assist you.